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Resources for Recovery

Brought to you by the people at the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this page is a great place to explore some tools and information to use in your own recovery – or help someone through theirs.

Food, Nutrition and Fitness

The best recovery programs take into account your whole body and your entire lifestyle. What’s more essential to all of that than eating healthy and developing an exercise routine? Follow this link to’s portal on food, nutrition and fitness.

Money and Taxes

Are you getting control of your finances and want some tips on topics like insurance or information about taxes? This link will take you to’s money and taxes portal.

 Consumer Protection

Now that you’re the master of your pocketbook, you’ll want to know how to protect your identity and let someone know about bad business practices or learn about unsafe products.’s consumer protection portal gets you moving in the right direction.

Homes and Housing

Need to know your rights in foreclosure proceedings or do you need help finding and affordable place to call home? Check out the homes and housing portal.

Link to Choose My Plate dot GovFamily Issues

This is one of the largest sections at and covers just about anything you can think of in relation to families. From adoption to retirement issues to teen violence, the family issues portal is a great place to start for information on many of life’s most serious issues.

Many of us are living and working with disabilities. is for us and it’s also a place we can send others for help or information. You will find information on the rights of the disabled, employment information, health care information and more.

Federal Government Benefits, Grants and Loans

Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business or just going back to school – the benefits, grants and loans portal at has tons of information organized alphabetically for your convenience.

Link to USA dot GovPublic Service and Volunteerism

So, you would like to give back to this great nation? At the public service and volunteerism portal at you’ll find information about becoming a public servant and working for the federal government as well as opportunities to volunteer your time or make a financial contribution to a worthy cause.

 Save Money on Energy

It’s not just about compact fluorescent light bulbs! There are many ways to save your hard-earned dollars on energy costs and is the place to find out more.