Medical Services

Psychotropic Medication Prescription

Crosspoint psychiatric services are designed to provide an accurate medical evaluation of brain disorders.  Services include psychotropic medication prescriptions and monitoring as well as provision of clinical direction, staff supervision and/or consultation in the implementation of individualized treatment plans.

Psychotropic Medication Monitoring

Crosspoint staff is trained to monitor and evaluate target symptoms, response to medication, any adverse effects including tardive dyskinesia, and new target symptoms.

Psychotropic Medication Administration

Crosspoint employees professional nursing staff who in coordination with the physician, prepares and administers medication, observes for possible side effects and adverse reactions.  The professional nursing staff is available to draw blood for monitoring related to particular psychotropic medication.

Psychotropic Medication Training

Crosspoint staff provides training to persons served or the person’s served family or guardian to administer the person served medication;  the purpose of taking psychotropic medications; psychotropic medications, effects, side effects, and adverse reactions; self-administration of medication; storage and safeguarding of medications; how to communicate with professionals regarding medication issues.