Affordable, Historic and Green — The New Holland Apartments

The New Holland Apartments in downtown Danville, Illinois is the kind of place you walk into and say, “This would be a cool place to live.”

It wasn’t always that way.

When the New Holland’s 50 affordable apartments became available in late 2006, it was after a six-year slog from ruin to renewal.

Formerly called The Holland, the historic building is more than 100 years old. Prior to the historic renovation that brought it back to its former glory, The Holland fell on 20 years of hard times and poor management which ended in vacancy and a Vermilion County Sheriff’s Sale. Working with planners, architects, engineers, public finance experts and the able hands of area trades men and women, this former luxury apartment building for Danville’s wealthy in the early 20th century became affordable, safe housing for people of different means in a different time.

The video below was produced by Illinois Public Media for WILL-TV’s special report, Housing: A Basic Human Need, which aired in April 2012.