Venerable building and services on Hazel Street now Crosspoint Human Services at the Y

The venerable old building at 201 N. Hazel in Danville that has been serving the needs of women and children since the early 1900s is changing names – but the services and programs remain in place says the executive director of Crosspoint Human Services.

“As time has passed, services and programs have changed at the Y – but serving women has been a constant,” said Thom Pollock.

“Since 2007, Crosspoint Human Services has been administering the programs at the Y. With our national accreditation up for renewal over the next year, it’s time to put our name on the door,” Pollock added.

Known as Your Family Resource Connection since disaffiliating with the national Young Women’s Christian Assoc., the building and programs housed on Hazel Street will now be known as Crosspoint at the Y.

Pollock said that YFRC continues only as an Illinois non-profit that owns property – the Y building – and serves as landlord with Crosspoint as the property manager. Crosspoint has been the agency of record and day to day administrator of the former YFRC’s programs since 2008. These include residential, counseling, employment and education assistance for women and their children facing domestic violence or the loss of their home. There is also a full-service early childhood learning center and daycare which offers subsidized rates for lower income families.

“Crosspoint Human Services is an integral part of the community in Vermilion County and Danville and we’re just as proud of the good work we do at the Y as any of our other programs. It’s probably past time for us to put our name on the programs we’ve been running there and while we renew our accreditation is a good transition point,” Pollock said.

Pollock said that while it was important to get the Crosspoint brand more recognized downtown, it was also key to recognize the historic nature of the building and its uninterrupted use as a place that serves women.

“We think it’s the right choice to include ‘the Y’ in the name that we use when referring to our programs there or the building. Around Danville, people know what you’re talking about when you mention “the Y downtown.” Re-branding those distinct programs as Crosspoint at the Y acknowledges the importance of our agency in the community, but it also pays homage to the history of the place,” Pollock said.